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Conesus Lake

Go west young man…if you want to find Conesus, (pronounced “kəˈniːʃəs”), which is the westernmost Finger Lake located between the Town of Conesus at the south and Lakeville to the north. The Town of Livonia in Livingston County is the largest community on the lake, which is right off Interstate 390, about 15 miles south of Interstate 90.

Conesus is one of the smaller – but not smallest – Finger Lakes, measuring roughly eight miles long and one mile wide. It is considered one of the “minor” Finger Lakes, but things are said to be “Always Beautiful.” The lake is 66 feet at its deepest point, and averages 38 feet. Its 48 billion gallons of water would fill 2,184 Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas.

Settler towns were established around the lake in the late 1700’s, and its name is derived from the Native American word meaning “berry place.” The lake’s shallow depths provide ideal swimming and fishing conditions during the warmer months. And it regularly freezes in the winter, so snowmobilers and ice skaters are common sights, and ice fishing is a popular pastime.

What it is known for
The 4th of July weekend is an important community celebration that culminates in the “Lake of Fire.” Fireworks fill the Saturday evening sky and more than 10,000 flares are lit around the lake at exactly 10:00pm, leading to a ring of fire and stunning reflection on the water.

Quick Facts

  • Rumor has it that the U.S.S. Lady of the Lake, a War of 1812-era vessel, is at the bottom of Conesus Lake
  • The lake is home to Pebble Beach – a public water recreation spot off of Pebble Beach Road, and not the famous golf course
  • Conesus Lake is home to some interestingly named wildlife, including the Alewife (not a drinking fish), Pumpkinseed and Tiger Muskies
  • Special fishing regulations apply, so read up before dropping your line in the water