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Hamlet of Honeoye

Honeoye lies at the northern end of its namesake, Honeoye Lake, which is abundant with plant and animal life at only 30 feet deep. Sandy Bottom Park includes trails and a beach area on the edge of the lake.

Nearby Bristol Mountain will keep people busy both in winter and warmer months. The ski resort is open from December to March, and then the Aerial Adventures takes over – visitors can take part in zipline canopy tours, the Aerial Adventure Park, the Kid’s Adventure Park, and Scaerial Adventures in October (only a 20-minute drive from downtown Honeoye). If you’re looking for more outdoor adventure but a shorter drive, Wesley Hill Nature Preserve, part of the Finger Lakes Land Trust, offers some great trails with amazing scenery.

Honeoye is a hamlet of the town of Richmond in Ontario County, located between Canandaigua and Geneseo along Hwy 20A. It is just 33 miles south of downtown Rochester and has served as a summer resort for Rochestarians for generations.

Honeoye, pronounced “honey-oy,” is derived from the Seneca Indian hanayaye, which is a reference to the shape of the lakes in the region, meaning “finger lying there.” Since the Sullivan Expedition brought white settlers in 1779, Honeoye has remained a small town, with the exception of a minor logging boom in the early 1900’s.

Quick Facts:
• Population: 655 people
• Homes in and around Honeoye were stops on the Underground Railroad
• Footprint: less than one square mile

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